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I find Twitter to be extremely useful. It’s great for connecting with companies who might otherwise be hard to reach. My posts are almost exclusively about technology. I tweet tips for clients here.

Taking an iPhone photo using the volumn up/down button on the EarPods cord is a great way to take a discreet photo, or if your phone is on a tripod or propped up, a great way to keep the camera still. #iPhonephotography

My shiny new website has its own animation content. Can you work out what’s being typed? @justine.rykiel (on Instagram)made the animation and illustrations in the site. Building the website has been a fun mother and daughter project. It’s our first experience with WordPress.

A useful link to get the latest Edge browser (which will then allow Chrome extensions).

The same privacy you expect from a face-to-face conversation (remember them?) now with up to 8 people. End-to-end encrypted. Update your WhatsApp to try it out.

Wonderful. Free theatre from your couch. I’ve seen One Man, Two Guvnors – it’s so good, it will distract you from reality.

Topical podcasts seem to pop up more and more, like this BBC one about the Coronavirus

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