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I find Twitter to be extremely useful. It’s great for connecting with companies who might otherwise be hard to reach. My posts are almost exclusively about technology. I tweet tips for clients here.

It’s gone mad at Tesco’s Christmas booking site. The delivery slots opened up at 7 am. You had to go in a ‘queue’ to get in. By 7.30 am all the slots were gone. It’s not going to be good for those people who are vulnerable and isolating. @Tesco

Within Facebook, you can have a ‘friend’ or you can ‘unfriend’ or you can ‘take a break’, which sounds interesting. Perhaps with the ‘take a break’ option if you have a falling out it allows you some distance.

I’m open for business during the Lockdown. Get in touch in the normal way if you require my help. Home visits are allowed, plus I can help remotely as well. Take care!

Pleasing words received in my inbox this morning: “Zoom meeting went well – I may, possibly, have to consider moving up to ‘Tolerate your computer’!!!”

BT has a new customer £50 (Amazon voucher) referral link. Here is my link if you want to join BT and get the £50: #BT #BTreferafriend

It’s on my phone. NHS Covid-19 app: How England and Wales’ contact-tracing service works.

Fake BT scammers are little rotters. Be on alert. Someone I regularly help was scammed – she was in a hurry, distracted and allowed computer access. Screen your calls. Scammers will hang up.

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