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I find Twitter to be extremely useful. It’s great for connecting with companies who might otherwise be hard to reach. My posts are almost exclusively about technology. I tweet tips for clients here.

BT has a new customer £50 (Amazon voucher) referral link. Here is my link if you want to join BT and get the £50: #BT #BTreferafriend

It’s on my phone. NHS Covid-19 app: How England and Wales’ contact-tracing service works.

Fake BT scammers are little rotters. Be on alert. Someone I regularly help was scammed – she was in a hurry, distracted and allowed computer access. Screen your calls. Scammers will hang up.

Wow! I’m pleased with how this keyboard makeover has turned out. It’s for a client with age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

You can sync a Fitbit to a Windows computer without having a FitBit dongle. If you get the FitBit app from the Microsoft Store, like magic, syncing will happen. @FitbitUK

A little shout out to Marcus and his great customer service at @KitchenCraft ☺️ Smooth, simple – they way it should always be. It will encourage me to buy more from this company.

A new way to verify yourself as a human (at a Microsoft site). Turn the animal until it’s the right way round; easier than spotting palm trees in photos.

Clients: This link will give you a £20 voucher on the Look after my bills service. I decided to sign up as I can’t think of anything more boring than doing utility price comparisons.

I’ve started hanging around at the end of Zoom/Teams calls and seeing who else is last on the line so I can have a quick unplanned chat, like meetings used to be. I miss bumping into people.

Clients, do ask me about the digital library services in East and West Sussex. It’s not the simplest of things to set up (don’t you think @marcusisthe1 ? 🧐) but worth it in the end. I’m currently listening to the audiobook ‘Fire and Fury’.

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