Computing Lessons

A computer lesson can be about anything related to your computer and the devices connected to it. I also help with some aspects of smartphones (particularly the iPhone). You might prefer that I suggest topics for you, based on your experience and interests.  Another approach to planning a lesson is to write down problems you are experiencing with your computer and then, together, we can work through the list. Some of my clients have found it well worth while to book me in for an hour to help them with purchasing a computer or tablet. If you need lesson ideas just look below.

I usually visit people in their home but, if you prefer, you may bring your laptop to me. Lessons are open-ended, on an hourly basis. I find that people vary on how many lessons they have due to budget, time and the level of computer literacy they are trying to achieve.

Regardless of how many lessons you take, note taking is essential. I am happy to write your notes for you whilst you carry out the steps. Notes mean you can practice what you have learned with me again and again after my visit.

Another form of help I offer is Remote Assistance. Securely and quickly, I can access your computer from my house and troubleshoot and explain problems (all while talking on the telephone or on Skype).  I can control your mouse and keyboard so all you have to do is watch and learn. It is a useful training and troubleshooting service for my clients alongside the home visits. 

gift certificates are available



Mastering the internet: Surfing, researching, playing catch-up television, shopping and more



Emailing: Learn basic to advanced email features. Send and save attachments, organise emails, backup emails and contacts



Social networking: Signing up, setting up (securely and privately), and enjoying it without feeling overwhelmed. Intricacies of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest



iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch: Setting up and enjoying. Help with mobile contracts, moving to giffgaff, order a giffgaff SIM here



Word processing: Letters, cards, labels, cloud word processing and lots more



The cloud: Learn what it is and how to use it. OneDrive, Google Drive, iCloud. The choices can be confusing



Backing up your data: External hard drives, CDs, Cloud options



Enhancing your computer 

Using fun, free and safe programs from the internet



Making sense of your computer, iPad and iPhone

Microsoft's Windows 10 and Apple's iOS



Build your own website -- Like I have done using MrSite 




File Management: Get your files in order



Managing money: Setting up online banking, creating budgets in Excel, or using financial software



Digital photography: Getting started, simple improvements to advanced techniques



Digital Music: Getting started, buying, managing, streaming and playing



Broadband: Ordering (getting the best deals), explaining and setting it all up



Skype and Facetime: Setting up and using across your devices



Customising your computer for you:  This is particularly important if you have poor eyesight, shaky or arthritic hands



Computer maintenance and security: Keep your computer threat-free and fast. 



Installing hardware: For example, help installing printers, scanners and Apple TVs



Troubleshooting help: When wifi-enabled devices stop connecting or when computers, tablets and smartphones misbehave